About bankgirot.se

At Bankgirot's website you can perform some of your tasks, e.g. changing and cancelling payment instructions. You can also search for information about us as a company and our services, or find out who has a particular bankgiro number.

We want to keep on improving our website and are grateful for your comments. Please feel free to use the comments field at the bottom of the pages if you have any views on the content or suggested improvements.


There are three main points of entry to more detailed information in the tabs at the top of the site:

  • "Services" – if you want to find out more about a specific service.
  • "Support" – if you want help with or to perform a particular task.
  • "Search function" – if you want to search for information.

If you want to find out more about Bankgirot as a company or to log in to our e-services, you can find these links at the top of the page.

Search function

The website's search function has a quick filter for certain parts of the content, e.g. manuals and FAQs, to help you find what you want. The search function is to some extent connected to bankgiro number searches, providing you with relevant responses even if you happen to enter a bankgiro number here.

Search bankgiro number

If you want to find out a company's bankgiro number, you can use "Search bankgiro number". You can search by name, bankgiro number or corporate ID number. If you do not get any hits, this might be because the bankgiro number is associated with a personal ID number or for other reasons has a confidentiality level that prevents the information from being displayed. It may also be because the figures do not constitute a bank giro number.


You can use Bankgirot's e-forms for tasks including managing payment instructions or files. The e-forms are dynamic, i.e. depending on which choices you make in the form, only the relevant fields to be completed are displayed. 


At the top of the page is the link to Bankgirot's e-services for managing payment information. You can log in here to, among others, Autogiro Online, Bg Online and BGC Invoice validation.


You can subscribe to news and updates on the website via an RSS flow, which sends an email with a link to a folder on your email client or to your RSS feed in the web browser.

Information in English

Each page of bankgirot.se has an English version, which can be accessed instantly by clicking on the "In English" link in the top right-hand corner.

Programtorget/Software by third parties

At Programtorget you can search for information about which software programs support Bankgirot's services. You can perform your search in a number of different ways: by software provider, software program or Bankgirot's products, as well as free-text searches. Software companies that appear at Programtorget must satisfy the conditions specified by Bankgirot.